Beauty Trends From The ’90s We Should Forget About

While there are some trends in the ‘90s that are experiencing a comeback (chokers and crop tops) there are others than need to stay way, way in the past. We loved the trashy era for what it was, but if we saw someone wearing these beauty trends in the street today, we would truly question their sanity. Here are some rough trends that really belong in the ‘90s.

1. Navel Piercing
We thought this was so cute back in the day, but it translates as pretty trashy now. They were usually colored fake diamonds, and worn with a crop top. Shoutout to Christina and Britney’s belly rings. RIP.

2. Bright Makeup
Bright purple eyeshadow and bright yellow lipstick? Yes, this unfortunate trend of loud and clownish makeup lasted a while, and people were way too into it.

3. Pencil-Thin Brows
Thank goodness for Cara Delevingne, honestly. Because those super skinny brows make people look constantly surprised, and is really not flattering for any face shape.


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