Beauty Trends From The ’90s We Should Forget About

4. Barrettes and Butterfly Clips
There’s a right way to hair accessories, and this is definitely not it. Butterfly clips are meant for 5 year olds playing dress-up, and it should probably stay that way. Barrettes are also pretty outdated and should probably be retired from your wardrobe.

5. Crimped Hair
Ugh. Why?? Hard, gelled hair then crunched between a crimper, sending your hair into heat-damage galore. If you want your hair to look like fried food mixed with a brillo pad, crimping is the way to go. Hopefully these monstrosities still aren’t sold.

6. Bronzer
Bronzer is ok if you’re trying to add a little depth and are using it for contouring purposes. Unfortunately in the 90s that only translated into “too much bronzer”. Instead of for contouring, it was heavily applied all over the face, like a fake and truly terrifying tan.


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