Beauty Trends From The ’90s We Should Forget About

7. Frosted Makeup
Some celebs made this look sort of dreamy, but still, metallic silver and baby blue frosted shadow and matching lipstick were not a great match, and should be avoided.

8. …;And Frosted Tips
This was mostly for dudes, but some ladies rocked this awful trend as well. It usually results in your hair looking like spaghetti. This bleach blond monstrosity should be avoided at all costs.

9. Body Glitter
Someone would look at you like you were a crazy person if you walked down the street in the amount of body glitter that was acceptable in the ‘90s. Getting ready for the club? Get some lotion infused with glitter, and lather it on! JK. Please don’t do that, it will be very itchy, and not cute.


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