12 Signs That The ‘Nice Guy’ Isn’t Actually That Nice

Finding a nice guy without red flags is a priority for a woman, as you venture into relationships. But the unfortunate “nice guy syndrome” happens when you’ve been duped into thinking you’ve met a nice and genuine man who ends up being a major dick. Here are some signs that he might not be as kind-hearted as he’s making himself out to be.

1. He feels the need to bring up constant reminders of how nice he is – as if he always is trying to prove something. Generally, people that are faking it tend to go the extra mile, in that sense.

2. He compares himself to other guys who are assholes, and makes himself a saint in comparison. Yeah, right. Especially a red flag if he talks about how frustrating it is that girls always fall for “the bad guy”. Yup, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

3. He lets you decide everything. This might seem cute in the beginning, but the inability to make his own decisions, and always agrees with you means that he’s suffering not just from nice guy syndrome, but lost boy syndrome, an equally annoying situation to face as a woman.


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