12 Most Epic Red Carpet Dresses Of All Time

It’s no secret that celebrities put a lot of thought and effort into looking amazing on the red carpet. This is especially true for female celebrities. Unlike their male counterparts, who just have to wear a suit and they’re pretty much done, famous women often have to go through a lot of preparation and put in a lot of work in order to look dazzling on the red carpet. They spend weeks leading up to an event on crazy diets and doing an insane amount of exercise, they go through days of all sorts of massages, body wraps, facials and peels and scrubs. The whole day of the event is spent on getting the perfect hair and makeup done, all to look awesome in that perfect dress they’re gonna wear on the red carpet. And as tedious as it sounds sometimes it’s worth it, because they’ll be remembered in that dress forever. So let’s talk about the 12 most epic red carpet dresses of all time.

1) Kristen Stewart in Zuhair Murad at Twilight London Premiere
You can criticize the hell out of Kristen Stewart when it comes to her acting and how she’s way too awkward. She’s well aware of it and often says that she knows she looks weird in dresses and feels like she doesn’t belong, like it’s just not “her thing”. But you’ve got to admit that this Zuhair Murad jumpsuit she wore was pretty freaking cool.

2) Mila Kunis in Elie Saab Couture at the 2011 Oscars
Mila Kunis looked like she walked out of a fairy tale when she appeared on the red carpet in a lilac Elie Saab dress. We’re pretty sure that is the lightest dress ever and when you wear it, it probably doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing anything. Mila looked so effortlessly elegant, like a ballerina. A pretty awesome choice to wear when you’re representing Black Swan at the Oscars.

3) Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford at the 2012 Oscars Vanity Fair Party
This is one of the simplest dresses ever, yet it looks stunning. The clean lines and the simplicity of the white dress somehow make it stand out and make it look amazing. It’s like Gwyneth Paltrow knew that everyone will be trying really hard to wear the most shocking dress, so she went dressed all in white, and truly looked like she was on a whole other level, above everyone else.


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